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Medical Tourism

Dear colleagues and friends!

Thank you for your interest in our organization!

Ust-Ilim City Hospital, a regional state budgetary healthcare institution, is one of the largest multidisciplinary medical organizations in the Irkutsk region. On its basis, 18 medical diagnostic units with a bed capacity of 565 beds have been deployed.

OGBUZ "Ust-Ilim City Hospital" works on the principle of accessibility, timeliness and quality of medical care due to the stable, coordinated work of the 1,100-strong team. Among the more than 500 working doctors and nurses, 2 employees have the title of Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, 5 employees the title of Excellence in Healthcare, 1 employee the title of Honored Health Worker of the Russian Federation, 11 doctors and 7 nurses of the title Veteran of Labor . More than 75% of doctors and nurses with the highest or first qualification category. More than 25,000 patients receive highly qualified medical assistance at our hospital annually, and more than 5,000 operations are performed.

Sincerely, Head Physician, OGBUZ Ust-Ilimsk City Hospital

V. M. Rybitsky

List of medical services provided [PDF]

The algorithm for contacting a medical organization for a foreign patient

You can request information about this algorithm by email.

Contact Information

Phone number of the head physician reception: 8 (39535) 6-44-49

Telephone hotline OGBUZ Ust-Ilim Town Hospital: 8 (39535) 6-44-66


Address: 666679, Russian Federation, Irkutsk region, Ust-Ilimsk town, Vrachebny passage, 1

Postal address: 666679, Russian Federation, Irkutsk Region, Ust-Ilimsk-9, PO Box 1458

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